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Magnum Research Lone Eagle

Caliber: 22LR through 7.62X39
 (This particular pistol is in 7mm-08 Remington)

Capacity: 1 round
Circular Rear Breach Loading
1991 to 2001

Lone Eagle Left

Lone Eagle Right



                                                        Left image shows the breech locked.   Right image shows the breech open.

                                               The left image also shows the location of the takedown screws.


To field strip the Lone Eagle, pull back on the cocking lever on the front left.
Place the crossbolt safety in the center position.
Remove the hex head bolt and lift the barrel assembly upwards.

To detach the rotating breech assembly
Remove the takedown screw retaining screw, then back out the takedown screw until it is flush
with the surface of the breech as shown in the far left image.  Rotate the breech clockwise
to unscrew it  from the barrel.
There are three sets of hex head screws all retained by a locking hex head screw.
Breech Assembly Takedown 
Remove the very top retaining screw and remove the hex head screw beneath it.
Tap the dovetail block half way off towards the top as shown in image 3. 
Lift the block up and off the breech. This will free the firing pin and spring
The other part is the firing pin plunger button.  It is also easily removed from the breech. 
The larger of the three sets of hex head screws, shown in the far right image next to the firing pin,
is the ejector actuator.  It will only come out after the dovetailed block is removed,
so remember to put it back in first when reassembling!
When reassembling don't overtighten the hex screws or the breech will not close all the way.
Make sure the breech is working freely before putting the locking screws back in.

Pay attention to the orientation of the hammer.
(The part behind the dovetail block with the hole in it retained by the roll pin.)


Disassemble the Ejector Group
Clamp the ejector assembly in a vice to hold pressure from the ejector spring.
Remove the hex head bolt shown in the left image. 
Use a small screwdriver to lever the ejector sear to the right against it's spring tension. 
This  will release the ejector and its rather stout spring that's underneath of it. 
 To reassemble the ejector group position the ejector and spring in it's recess
and secure it closed in a vice.  This will allow you to easily slip the sear back into place.

 I have no parts for the Magnum Research Lone Eagle, nor am I aware
of a source for these parts. 


There is a company, Competitor Pistols Corp, that makes what appears
to be a near clone of the Magnum Research gun.  I don't know if the parts
are interchangeable or not as I don't own the pistol shown on this page, but
they appear similar enough that it would be worth ordering a part you may
need and hope for the best.  I don't recommend calling them and asking
if their parts will swap out as they may not be able to respond due to legal
considerations.  That's just been my experience in similar circumstances
in the past.  If anyone has any experience using parts from them in your
Lone Eagle give me a heads up and I'll inform others.

The Competitor Pistol link is, apparently, no longer valid.

    It has been brought to my attention that Magnum Research    
still has some parts for the Lone Eagle. 

Here's a link to their web site:


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