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Grendel P10 Information Page

Grendel P10 / P12
Parts  List

Page updated : April 28, 2023

With all due apologies to my customers I have decided
to discontinue sales of Grendel parts.  My entire inventory
has been sold to Gun Parts Corporation in NY. 

I will keep the illustrations below available
for reference if your interested.

Thank you,
              John Torelli                               

Grendel P10 Schematic

Grendel P12 Schematic

  #    Part Name .......................... Price .... Quantity In Stock

100    Barrel (P10)
100    Barrel (P12)
110    Barrel Pin
152    Slide (P10)
152    Slide (
170    Firing Pin
172    Firing Pin Spring
174    Firing Pin Retainer Pin
180    Extractor (P10) (Check here : Jack First)

182    Extractor Spring (P10)
184    Extractor Plunger (P10)
180    Extractor (P12)
182    Extractor Spring (P12)
184    Extractor Retaining Pin (P12)
190    Recoil Spring
195    Recoil Spring Guide
205    Magazine Catch (P12)
206    Magazine Catch Pin (P12)
208    Magazine Catch Spring (P12)
222    Frame Screw (P10)
222    Frame Screw (P12)
224    Frame Bar Screw
226    Frame Bar
252    Trigger, Plastic
252    Trigger, Metal
253    Trigger Stop Pin Short (P10)
253    Trigger Stop Pin Long (P12)
254    Trigger Axis Pin
256    Trigger Spring 

257    Trigger Screw Blue
257    Trigger Screw Chrome
258    Trigger Plate
260    Trigger Bar
271    Hammer 
271    Hammer (P12)
275    Hammer Spring   NOTE: I have successfully replicated this from an AR15 Hammer Spring
                                        American Defender  (NOT my video)                                              
278    Hammer Pivot Pin
280    Slide Stop
284    Slide Stop Spring

300    Grip Frame Black (P10)
300    Grip Frame OD (P10) Note: This grip frame was prone to breakage.
300    Grip Frame Black (P12)
310    Magazine Follower Spring (P10)
315    Magazine Follower (P10)
317    Magazine Plate (P10)
365    Magazine  (P12)

Unless noted parts are interchangeable between the P10 and P12 pistols.

Repair Information:  It is perfectly legal for you to ship a handgun to a licensed
repair center and have it returned directly to you once repairs are completed.   This
shop has been fully licensed for 31 years and can accept your work.  There is a $30.00
repair charge for Grendel's plus a $15.50 return shipping charge.  
This does not include the cost of any parts that may be needed.  Disassembly and
reassembly of the Grendel lower receiver is a daunting task, however if your determined
to try it yourself there are instructions at this link:     Grendel P10 Main Information Page  

Shipping Notes:
01) It's illegal to use the US Postal Service to ship a handgun to me unless you are a licensed dealer.  
02) FedEx, UPS or any other common carrier is fine.
03) Do not mark on the package that it is a firearm.  
04) Be sure to get a tracking number to keep the shipment from getting lost or stolen.
05) Include a note as to the problem and a return address with contact information.
06) Send nothing but the pistol itself, as it may increase the return shipping fee.
07) Address your package to:  John Torelli  501 Ireland Ave.  Millville  NJ  08332

Be sure to provide me with a valid Name, Address & Phone Number and include a note as to
what you want done. 

Grendel Frame Screws

Technical Information For Some Critical Grendel Parts