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Taurus PT22 Pistol
Caliber .22 LR
Double Action Only
10 round capacity
1991 to date





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1 - To remove the magazine press the magazine release button located near the trigger-gaurd with your thumb.
2 - To load the gun hold the magazine with one of your hands and with the other one insert the cartridges one at 
      a time, pressing them down and to the rear. Insert the magazine into the pistol until it is held by the magazine catch.
3 - To load chamber hold the pistol with one hand keeping your finger away from the trigger. With the other hand pull
      the slide to its limit and release it. The slide will go forward under recoil spring pressure and will insert one 
      cartridge in the chamber, OR tip up barrel by pushing forward on the barrel catch located above the trigger on the
      left side of the frame and insert cartridge.
- The pistol is fired by pulling the trigger. After firing, the slide will recoil from gas pressure and will eject the empty
     cartridge case and feed another cartridge into the chamber. The pistol will be ready to fire again.
5 - If you want to stop shooting before firing the last cartridge of the magazine, put safety lever in the safe position,
     i.e. manual safety lever fully up (on).To start shooting again you only have to take safety off and pull the trigger as 
     this Taurus pistol is double action. To unlad the gun remove the magazine and tip up barrel and pick out cartridge 
     from chamber.  
    Attention: Unload your pistol with the muzzle pointing in a safe direction.


01 Barrel
02 Slide
03 Firing pin retaining pin
04 Firing pin spring
05 Firing pin
06 Barrel spring plunger
07 Barrel spring
08 Trigger spring
09 Barrel pivot pin
10 Frame
11 Trigger bar
12 Trigger
13 Trigger pin/barrel catch pin
14 Barrel catch spring
15 Extractor
16 Sear Spring
17 Extractor pin
18 Barrel catch
19 Sear
20 Sear pin
21 Hammer
22 Hammer pin
23 Hammer strut assembly
24 Recoil lever
25 Recoil lever pin
26 Recoil spring
27 Recoil spring housing
28 Safety spring
29 Magazine release button
30 Magazine release spring
31 Magazine release
32 Left grip panel
33 Grip screw
34 Right grip panel
35 Safety detent
36 Safety detent spring
37 Safety lever
38 Magazine base
39 Magazine body
40 Follower pin
41 Follower
42 Magazine spring
43 Spring base
44 Finger rest screw
45 Finger rest
46 Magazine safety cam
47 Magazine safety spring
48 Magazine safety screw

Note: Taurus offers a lifetime warranty on thier guns regardless of owner. 
                        Find out more here:


1675 NW 49th Ave.
Miami FL 33014
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