Smith & Wesson Model 649
Caliber .38 Special 
5 round capacity
1986 - 1996

The Smith & Wesson Model 649 is Stainless Steel inside and out. The "Boot" grips shown below are now standard issue and greatly aid in
taming the rather stiff muzzle flip of the 2" barrel, especially when using +P loads. Although designed primarily for double action use, the
abbreviated hammer, just barely visible over the humped back frame, incorporates heavy horizontal serations that allow an excellent grasp
for cocking into Single Action mode. This little revolver is quite capable of putting all five rounds in the bullseye at 7 yards, which is where
most gunfights occur. At 25 yards it still prooves very effective for defensive use.

In 1996 the Model 649 was discontinued in the .38 Special caliber and replaced with 
a slightly larger version in .357 Magnum, which is still available today.  

The 38 Special cartridge has been with us since the early 1900's.
With the bullet measuring .357" in diameter, it may seem somewhat confusing as to why it's called the .38 Special.
Below is a selection of .38 caliber cartridges.
From left to right :

.38 Short, .38 S&W, .38 Long Colt, .38 Special and a .357 Magnum.

Take note of the first two cartridges and you will see that the bullets extend over the case mouth. 
The outside case diameter of these old cartridges measures, oddly enough, .38" as do the bullets.
When the .38 Special was designed the bullet was fully seated inside the case and 
measures the familiar .357" while the outside case diameter remains .38".
The 357 Magnum cartridge, introduced in the 1930's, didn't suffer from
any historical precedents to confuse it's title.



The photograph above shows the SW649 with a full complement of .38 Special +P Glaser Safety Slugs.
These cartridges use bullets known as pre-fragmented projectiles. It is not a hollow point. 
The blue tip seals in hundreds of tiny pellets that expand on impact creating a wound channel
far in excess of it's original size. In a typical home encounter or anywhere that innocents may 
be effected by an over penetrating full metal jacketed bullet, this is the cartridge to use. 
It will not exit your attacker, who forced this confrontation to begin with, and it will destroy itself on most
solid objects, such as typical house walls or furniture, should your shot miss. When choosing a projectile type, 
especially for home defense, don't make the mistake of buying the cheapest thing on the dealers shelf.
The Glasser's are very expensive. $15.00 and up for five or six of them, but the object is to protect your family 
and these help to fill the bill.  My sincere wish is that you never need them.



An interesting and effective concealment holster made by Pachmayr is not a holster at all, but more of a replacement grip with an oversize housing.
It is designed to look like a wallet in your hip pocket. With the grip covered by a short jacket or sweater, it all but disappears from view. 
The gun is completely operational including reloading, with secure storage for five extra rounds.


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