Smith & Wesson Model 3913
Caliber 9mm
Double Action
8 + 1 capacity
1990 to date






Remove the magazine by depressing the magazine release button and inspect and clear the chamber. Rotate the manual safety lever fully up into the "fire" position. Firmly grasp the frame and slide with the left hand. While holding the left hand. as explained above, position the right hand on the grip as shown in figure keeping your fingers outside of the trigger guard and off of the trigger.
Apply pressure with the left and right hands in opposite directions until the slide stop notch in the left side of the slide is aligned with the forward, rounded portion of the slide stop as shown in figure. Press inward on the slide stop pin from the opposite side of the frame and remove the slide stop.  
Allow the slide to move forward until it is aligned with the frame in its normal closed position. The hammer will fall as the slide moves forward. Pull the slide forward off the frame while grasping the recoil spring assembly by depressing the spring slightly and releasing it carefully from the small radial undercut in the barrel lug. The figure below shows the parts you will have after field stripping.  



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