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Established 1982
501 Ireland Ave. Millville NJ 08332

Semi-auto Pistol
Caliber 9mm
capacity of 10
2003 to Date

The SCCY CPX2 began life as the SKKY CPX1 in 2003.  Shortly thereafter the company was
contacted by SKKY Vodka and the Corporate name became SCCY.  The CPX1 is identical to
the CPX2 with addition of a manual thumb safety. The SCCY's are double action only,
hammer fired handguns with second strike capability.  The sights are dual white dots at
the rear and a single white dot on the front and present a very fast picture.  Accuracy is on
par with other pistols of this size.  ( Test target below) The double action trigger has a long
9 pound trigger pull similar to a revolver, but is very smooth and consistent.  There are no
safeties except for that long pull, again like a revolver.  You can not cock the hammer manually. 
There are custom triggers available for it, but I can't attest to their usability. I've fit fiber-optic
sights to my personal CPX2 available at Twisted Industries, but that's just my preference. 
They glow like Christmas lights outside, can't miss them.

Early CPX2 pistols appeared to have some functioning issues.
I did extensive testing with mine (SN 054178) back in February of 2012 and
had 4 failures to extract out of 88 rounds mixed ammo.   If you've ever experience that
malfunction  it's a show stopper.  There's nothing you can do until you get that fired case out. 

After contacting SCCY I returned it under warranty in August of 2012 and within a week I had
it back with a new slide assembly.  I began testing again and encountered 20 failures to extract
out of 813 rounds fired.  A 3% failure rate.  I returned it to SCCY again in late August of 2012.

Within a week I had a brand new pistol. It appears they made some modifications to the barrel
shroud and changed the recoil spring assembly.
In my testing I stopped counting rounds at 460
 with 0 failures.  I probably have close to 1000 rounds through my CPX2 (it's now 2020)
and it's my everyday carry piece.  Keep some oil on it and it just runs and runs.

CPX1 with Thumb Safety

The CPX2 not only comes in more color combinations than any other pistol I've encountered
(examples at the web site) it can be had for around $200 with a bit of shopping. For a 10 round
capacity compact 9mm that just works and is accurate for it's intended use it's hard to beat.


Included with the CPX2 pistol is an extra magazine and a plastic trigger lock
with two keys, a manual of course  and two magazine base plates that are flat
to make it a bit easier to conceal.  Swapping is the typical push in on the
button at the bottom of the magazine and slide the base plate off. 
Reassemble in reverse.  I prefer mine with the extension.  Doesn't really
add any bulk or cause it to print any more and definitely makes it more
comfortable and easier to hold.

And new for 2020 is the DVG1RD with included optics and new trigger.
This version has also been re-designed as a striker fired pistol which
makes it slightly thinner than it already was. Retail price for these
      is currently $340 for the Crimson Trace optic installed version. 
Holsters are available from SCCY for use with the optic.

The CPX2 is now also available with the optics option as listed
on SCCY's web site.  Very nice.  Keep it under consideration if
your in the market for an affordable 9mm.


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