Hopkins & Allen
Ranger No. 2 Revolver
Caliber .32 S&W Short or Long Rimfire
5 round capacity
Solid frame, Single Action, c.1880




The Hopkins and Allen Arms Co. was a major manufacturer of firearms from 1867 to 1915 and was located in Norwich Connecticut. The company manufactured a large variety of spur trigger revolvers similar to this H&A Ranger Model 2. This particular specimen was produced circa 1880 and probably sold for around $5.00. The expiration of the patent held by Smith & Wesson Arms for the "bored through cylinder" expired in the the early 1870's and a vast array of revolvers in this catagory began to fill the market. This spur trigger example of a so-called "Suicide Special" is to this day, a hundred and twenty years later, still a good shooter and ammunition, surprisingly, is available. The nickle plate and extensive engraving was not uncommon with this style of gun. The "bird's head" frame was more commonly fitted with grips of hard rubber or walnut, with the Ivory grips, although not rare, being reserved for the more ornate items. This specimen is worth around $150.00.



Below is a reperesentative sampling of spur trigger revolvers of the the 19th Century. Normally the available calibers ranged from the .22 Short to the .41 caliber Rimfire. The only provision for unloading the revolver was the withdrawl of the cylinder pin and removal of the cylinder and utilizing the cylinder pin to punch out the empty cases one at a time. The cylinder could then be re-loaded and reinserted into the receiver or reassembled first and loaded one chamber at a time from the right side loading cutout. The hammer would be at half cock to allow the cylinder to rotate freely. The gun was carried with the hammer at rest on an empty chamber.

From left to right and then down they are:

(1) Harrington & Richardson "Victor No.2" caliber .32
(2) Hopkins & Allen "Blue Jacket No.2" caliber .32 with engraving and pearl grips
(3) Scott Arms Co. "No.3" caliber .22 with bone grips
(4) Hopkins & Allen "Ranger No.2" caliber .32
(5) Iver Johnson "Defender" caliber .22
(6) Colt "New Line" caliber .32
(7) E.L.Dickinson "Ranger 22 Long" caliber .22


from the National Rifle Association Museum

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