Para Ordnance P14 Kit Gun
Caliber .45 ACP
13 + 1 capacity
1988 to 1990

Para Ordnance began it's career manufacturing a parts 
kit designed to convert standard 7 shot 1911's into  
high capacity 14 shot pistols while using as many standard 
parts as possible.  The wide body .45 had arrived. 
The  gun pictured here has an alluminum alloy frame 
with a mix of custom, military surplus and factory parts.



The upper right picture shows what you would get with the kit. 
The picture below shows what you need to finish it.
The triangular, flat piece of steel with the holes in it shown above the hammer
is the Filler Plate used to fill the space for a Series 80 Safety Assembly.


One of the biggest improvements to handling I've ever found for these
wide body .45's has been the Pearce Grips I installed about a year ago.
The original grips had a tendancy to allow the pistol to roll in my hand
when firing, but the finger grooves and checkered rubberized texture
of the Pearce Grips all but eliminated that.  The pistol now sticks to my
hand giving me much faster shot to shot accuracy.  I found my set on, but I see that Amazon lists them and several other web
sites show them as well.  Here's the link to the manufacturers web page:

ParaUSA, Inc
10620 Southern Loop Blvd.
  Pineville  NC 28134


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