Glock Model 23 DAO Pistol
Caliber .40 S&W
10 + 1 capacity
1992 to date






The Glock series of pistols began they're prestigious carreer in 1983 with it's revolutionary Model 17 9mm Double Action Only pistol. Derided by columnist Jack Anderson as an undetectable terrorist weapon, the Glock Model 17 was immediately proclaimed as "evil" by the usual anti-gun politicians and demands that it be banned from importation commenced. Despite the fact that the synthetic frame of the Glock pistols have imbedded steel inserts in them so as to make them easily visible to airport security scanners and that the FBI and BATF both testified that the pistols were no more difficult to detect than any other handgun, the likes of Senators Ted Kennedy and Howard Metzanbaum pushed forward legislation to ban them anyway. Their legislation, if it had passed, would have actually banned virtually any handgun unless it was large and made of steel. The entire "undetectable terrorist" nonsense was just another lie to confuse the American public and advance the anti-gun agenda. What they actually accomplished was a massive free publicity campaign for Glock Inc. The Glock pistol has now become one of the most recognized police and civilian defensive sidearms ever made. Light weight at only 22 ounces and reliable in the extreme, they are capable of holding upwards of 17 rounds of 9mm ammunition and are virtually impervious to weather and abuse. Currently availble in calibers that include the 10mm and the .45ACP the Glock pistols are still the benchmark that others are measured against.


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