Smith & Wesson Model 61 Escort
Caliber .22 LR
5 + 1 capacity
Made From 1970 - 1973




Caliber .....................22 Long Rifle
Magazine Capacity ...5 Rounds
Barrel Length ...........2
1/8 inches
Overall Length ..........4
13/16 inches
Overall Height ...........3
11/16 inches
Weight ......................AIRWEIGHTę 14 ounces with magazine.
Finish .......................Blue
Sights .......................Fixed; Ramp Front, Square notch Rear.
Safety .......................Manual, Hammer Indicator.





6701 Disconnector   6702 Ejector   6703 Extractor   6704 Extractor pin  6705 Extractor spring  
6706 Firing pin  6709 Firing pin retaining pin  6710 Firing pin spring   6712 Hammer   6713 Hammer pin  
6714 Indicator   6715 Indicator spring    6716 Magazine  6717 Magazine butt plate  6718 Magazine catch 
6719 Magzine catch pin  6720 Magazine follower   6721 Magazine pin  6723 Magazine spring plate  6724 Magazine spring  
6725 Magazine spring    6726 Mainspring retainer  6727 Manual safety  6728 Rear sight  6729 Front sight  6730 Sideplate  
6731 Recoil spring guide  6732 Recoil spring guide tube  6734 Recoil spring retainer sleeve  6735 Sear  6736 Sear pin  
6737 Spring, Magazine catch & sear  6738 Spring, recoil  6739 Sideplate screw  6740 Slide & Barrel Assembly  6743 Stirrup  
6744 Stock-left hand   6745 Stock-right hand  6746 Stock screw  6747 Trigger  6748 Trigger pin  6749 Trigger bar spring   
6750 Trigger bar   6751 Trigger bar pin  6752 Stirrup pin  6753 Magazine Assembly  6754 Recoil spring stop pin   
6755 Ejector screw  6756 Trigger Block  6126 Trigger Block Rivet



Pistols should be field stripped, cleaned and oiled at reasonably frequent intervals to insure proper functioning.
1. Field strip per instructions elsewhere in this booklet.
2. Clean all areas that have been in contact with the by-products of explosion, using for this purpose a good commercial solvent and appropriate brushes or swabs.
3. After cleaning and drying all exposed areas, oil lightly using an acid-free gun or watch oil designated for this purpose. At the same time oil lightly all pivot points and moving contact areas. The bore, chamber, and outside of the gun may be protected by coating lightly with a rust-inhibiting oil or grease.
4. If the gun is to be stored for a considerable length of time repeat this cleaning and oiling process several days later and before storage, as a certain amount of residue will work out of the metal, particularly the bore of the barrel, and this should all be removed and the gun re-oiled before it is finally put away.
5. Do not store guns for any length of time in a leather holster or case or in any typeof container that will attract and hold moisture.


1. Put manual safety on safe position (up).
Insert loaded magazine into butt of gun until it is properly locked in position by magazine catch.
3. Pull the slide fully to rear and allow it to snap forward. Do not ease slide forward by hand.
4. Place safety on fire position (down)-gun is now ready to fire with each pull of trigger until magazine is empty.



This pistol has been designed so that it will not fire when the magazine has been removed. This is done as a safety feature but care shuld be exercised to keep the gun pointed in a safe direction and to keep hands away from the front of the muzzle when operating the slide.

NOTE: Due to inconsistant velocities and lubricants of .22 caliber ammunition it is a good policy to test fire various brands to determine which brands work best in your pistol and use this type for best performance.



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