Bushmaster XM15-E2S
Semi-auto Rifle
Caliber .223 - 5.53mm
Magazine Capacity of 10 

       Bushmaster Firearms was founded in 1978 and is one of the premier manufacturers of the M16/AR15 type firearms.  
       This XM15 is just one of dozens of variations available today.  

       This carbine features a typical 16" barrel with a muzzle break and an adjustable stock that's not adjustable.         
       Bushmaster calls this a "Tele-style" stock.  I guess this is for New Jersey where adjustable stocks are prohibited.
       The removable carry handle allows for scope mounting and the front site flips down out of the way.  
       The rear site is fully adjustable and the front site is adjustable for elevation.
       I'm afraid your local drug dealer won't be able to engage in any bayonet charges as there is no bayonet mount.  
       I, for one, feel much safer.


         Disassembly is typical of the M16 series of weapons.  Remove the magazine, clear the chamber, let the bolt
         go forward and push the take down pin to the right.   The rifle will now break open.     Pulling the charging
         handle to the rear will allow the bolt and handle to be removed. The take down pin is located slightly above
         and to the rear of the safety selector switch.   You can see the hole for it in the above photo. 

       To see just how many variations Bushmaster has available click on their website link at the bottom of this page.  
       It's also well worth a trip to Brownells to check out the endless custom parts available there.   It's very easy to spend
       several days (and dollars) pouring over the parts selections from match triggers to space age stocks and of course
       a good selection of high quality optics.   Order one of the free catalogs devoted to nothing but AR15 stuff.


       Now this is more the way I like my AR's.   Call me a traditionalist, but the A2 stock just feels natural to me and the triangular
       handgaurds make it complete.  Check out NoDak Spud LLC for more retro AR parts.   Plain black sling and a 30 round
       mag further enhance the theme.

       A note about the original Bushmaster 10 round magazines.  Turn one over and you'll see a small round black spot.
       That's an epoxy filled hole.  Drill out the epoxy, tap the bottom of the magazine and a steel pin will fall out.  That steel pin
       retains the large black pin that you see on either side of the mag.  Push that pin out and the magazine plug/floor plate, spring
       and follower will come out the bottom.  Grind off as much excess plastic from the magazine plug as you can without getting
       too close to the pin hole and reassemble.  You will now have a 15 round New Jersey legal magazine.  Why have 10 rounds
       when you can have 15?  My conversions have been 100% reliable.

      A tip of the hat to you Mike.  You are missed.




    Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC.
    P.O. Box 1479
    Windham, ME 04062

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